Boulder Senior Pictures

More often than not, we post Denver and studio pictures, but there are lots of ideal locations for Boulder Senior Pictures located just up the diagonal. When we shoot Boulder Senior Pictures, we love the diversity of locations. From the FlatIrons, to downtown, to Boulder Creek to a few secret locations we have up our sleeves, Boulder provides that incredible backdrop that sets off senior pictures. And we’re not talking pictures with just the flatirons behind you. There are water shots at the Boulder reservoir to sophisticated urban portraits in and around the Pearl Street Mall and the funky North End.

We usually look at it as a mini vacation for us and spend the afternoon hanging out after a set of shoots there. The key advantage for Boulder Senior Pictures is we shoot on location as well as our studio. We can hit as many locations as we have time. Don’t get us wrong we love Denver and we highly recommend it for it’s iconic locations and images…but the casual relaxed nature of Boulder provides an awesome backdrop.

So, give us a call today at 303-704-7531 for your Boulder Senior Pictures. Catch us at sunrise or at sunset and get some of the best lights for portraits in the world. The scenery in Boulder changes every few weeks during the summer so lots of great opportunities Senior Pictures that are uniquely you!