The way Senior Sports Portraits were meant to be!

Sports and Fashion are the two primary reasons I’m a photography today. As a high school senior we go through a right of passage to college, the military, sports or work the 18th year of our lives. We reach a key milestone and our live forever changes. Choices open up and paths present themselves as we begin to figure out what we will do, be, etc. We shoot a ton of sports portraits, and when we started, most of what we saw resembled this…

Don’t get me wrong, the letterman jacket is a great thing. But, it does not show off you, your life, your hardwork. It doesn’t tell a story or recreate big plays of your life. The old senior picture of the letterman jacket merely shows what you’ve “earned” as a result of 1000’s of hours of training, practice and playing. And as a senior photo, it’s a bit of a let down. We felt your senior pictures should be about you, not some factory where 1000’s of seniors have posed before you. And if you play sports, they should capture your athleticism, power, skill, tenacity and love for the sport. When you look back 5,10,20 years which image is going to remind you, your children, your parents of who you were as an athlete.

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