Seniors @ 5280, About Us

About US

On our blog, we usually post pictures, sessions, products, etc. We decided to spend time on the more intangible factors that Seniors @ 5280 lives by. We believe these factors are as important as the actual pictures themselves and they are certainly the key to our photography and success. These factors should also be as important to you as the actual images when selecting your photographer. Seniors @ 5280 is different; we like being different and we’re not interested in the “industry trends.” Here are 10 key factors we use when creating images and services for our clients.

  • Wall Art

    We want to create pieces of art for your walls, not 8×10’s and 5×7’s that gather dust in drawers or in albums that people in your life never get to see. We want you to display them on your wall and hand them down through the generations. Portraits of you and your family can and should be artwork you cherish more than the art galleries or home decorating store purchases.

  • Original Pictures

    We don’t believe in can’ed sets, poses and finishes. Photography should be unique to the individuals and families and capture you and unique aspects of your life and personality. The factory approach to photography simply can not provide unique portraits that truly represent you and your family. We do have signature looks our clients want but each session incorporates new creativity expressing our client and we’re happiest when it’s something new.

  • Front Range Studio

    The world is a big place and rife with stories, backdrops and amazing locations. We do shoot in our studios for specific looks and controlled lighting, but nothing beats the great outdoors, be it downtown or Colorado’s spectacular outdoor views. We’re blessed to live in one of the most amazingly scenic places in the world…it’s a part of our lives.

  • Guarantee

    We guarantee our work. From the shoot to the end product. If you’re not completely satisfied with your photo shoot, we’ll reshoot you and if you’re still not happy we’ll refund the full sitting fee. We want you to be ecstatic with your photos.

  • No Shortcuts

    If you’re looking for the cheapest photographer out there, we’re probably not the right choice. That is because we don’t take shortcuts on our post processing, shooting, printing, etc. We don’t release anything to market that hasn’t gone through our full, detailed process. We pay attention to details in order to provide the perfect set of portraits. It’s easy to tell when your photographer takes shortcuts, skin tones turn orange, colors are pumped up for the sake of pumping them up, all the photos in their albums look the same, same poses, same sets and the skin looks plastic because it’s processed through automatic actions that takes away all skin detail in an attempt to remove blemishes. Or, they just hand you prints straight out of the camera, no lighting, no processing and walk onto the next client. They “document the event” but they are not portraits.

  • Fashion / Sports Portrait Photographer

    We are commercial fashion and sports portrait photographers that take pictures of children, seniors and families. We approach all of our portraits as if they are intended for magazine covers or gallery shows. We provide the quality you seen in professionally lit and retouched images you see in fashion magazine editorials, covers and sports magazine covers. If you compare our images, you’ll see this is the primary reason our images look so different than the rest of the market.

  • Style

    We work with you to design your shoot from stylizing the outfits to helping you design your print products to match your interior decorating style. Even down to helping you hang the portraits on your wall if you need us to :).

  • Friendship

    One of the most fascinating things for us as a photographer is the people you meet. We absolutely love meeting people and getting to know our clients. We want a long term friendship and we try to keep up with the lives of all our clients, be it through facebook or the personal relationships we’ve formed. And we share parts of our lives with our clients be it our daughter’s latest antics or things that are happening to us. Nothing is greater than seeing people and families change, grow and mature through the years. We want to celebrate the key moments in your life with all the amazing people we’ve been lucky enough to meet along the way.

  • Redefine the Senior Picture

    We want to redefine the traditional portrait. If it’s been “done to death” chances are, unless our clients absolutely want it, we want to shoot new and different. The creative process is what drives us and something new that we’ve never seen is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a photographer.

I hope this gives you a little insight into who we are and what we do and more specifically, what makes Seniors @ 5280 so different. One of the most important factors, not on the list is we want to have fun. If you read our reviews, you’ll see that in every comment. We left corporate America to be able to create, laugh and do something we love. Take a moment and look through our images, and at least one of these principles can be seen in each photo we display there. We look forward to meeting you and hopefully becoming part of your extended family.