Senior Pictures to Model Portfolio

Every season, there are lots of amazing seniors looking to break into modeling from their Senior Pictures. It’s a tough business to make it big, but there are lots of little modeling jobs here in Denver from Catalogue to Promotion modeling, etc. There are three major modeling agencies here in the Front Range

  • Maximum Talent
  • Nxt Model
  • Donna Baldwin

The agencies usually hold open castings once a week or once a month.  And, they can represent you locally or across the US.  There’s too much information to cover in a single post, but we provide this site to all of our model candidates.

If you’re serious about being a model, you need to read this site, all the way through. I will help you immensely and short cut your learning curve by months to years. Click here to go to Joe’s Edelman’s modeling site!


This is a list of modeling agencies here in Colorado. Skip the agencies that are trying to sell you modeling classes, paid photoshoots, websites, listings, etc.  A true agent gets paid when you get paid.  Period.  The rest are SCAMS.

We shoot probably 10-20 seniors per year who want to become models and use their senior pictures.  Don’t worry, we can do both in a single photo session.  Realistically, you can go into an open casting with nothing.  I would recommend the model tips and advice pages before you go in.  However, if you go in, and you’re signed, you’ll need a headshot and comp cards.  Portfolio shots are great too, but not required.  Most agencies will be more impressed with tear sheets (from an actual commercial shoot) for you portfolio. We can provide all three of those if you want, however to look professional and ready to go, headshots and comp cards are the real necessities. The others can be added later. Here’s a few samples of the front/back of comp cards. The back, although blurred out, contains size, weight, height, measurements, etc and the front a headshot and your name.

And finally, you’ll need a larger 8×10 headshot. The comp cards are 5.5×8.5 inches. Here’s a sample head shot.

Headshots and comp cards and normally not photoshopped much aside from basic hair flyaways, acne, etc. They want them as close to what you are in real life. They can tell what you’ll look like with full makeup and photoshop, but the hiring agents need to know what the raw material is. It’s one of the big mistakes made by new models, submitting heavily photoshopped images.